Spring 2019 Session

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Age is just a number.  You’re as young as you feel.  If you never stop playing, you will never grow old.  Grinders Basketball League is here to support and lend proof to these statements in the form of 36 old men who are delusional and want to recapture the triumphs of their youth.   Sporting an injury rate of just under three players per session.  Grinders is the safest way to regain your former high school glory and includes the lowest risk for catching flak from your spouse for drinking after exercising!  On display are highlights of the 2019 Spring Session, trade rumors and general smack talk.  Research your opponents, find out when your game is, recruit from a pool of verified all-star substitutes when you are shorthanded.  Everything you need to keep grinding is available here.



Points For/Against

Team Cole


36/15 (+21)

Team Mike


25/22 (+3)

Team Justin


25/23 (+2)

Team Nate


23/25 (-2)

Team Curt


22/25 (-3)

Team Badillo


15/36 (-21)

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Spring 2019 Session

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